21 February 2012

3+2=5!!!! (No, we are not having twins)

About six weeks after we moved into the cabin, Austin's two oldest kids, Colin and Aidan, came for a visit.  These are some traveling kids!  In just about a year, they lived in Japan, California, and Maryland.  Such is the life of a military family. I couldn't believe how much they had grown!  Colin, at 11, was almost six feet tall, and Aidan at 10, was nearly  my height.

The bear in the yard had only been gone a couple of weeks, and I think I forgot to mention the mountain lion.  Shortly after we moved in, a neighbor mentioned that the neighborhood mountain lion had killed a few of his cats, and it made a pass through our property on its regular rounds.  Great. So when the kids came, I told them we had just a few safety rules.

1.  Don't go outside without telling anyone.
2.  If you do go outside, take the dog with you.
3.  Be nice to the dog, he will take care of you.

These are city kids, so they haven't experienced life in the forest much before.  On the drive from the airport to our house, Colin saw a deer, and said "Look, a deer."  After that, any time I saw a deer, I said, "Colin, look...a deer."  And let me tell you, this area is lousy with deer.  In the summer, at any given point there could be 3 or 4 deer right outside our window eating grass.  It didn't take long for him to get sick of deer.

After cooking small meals for the past 5 years, I was suddenly cooking church potluck-sized meals for our family.  Vats of spaghetti, chicken tikka masala, french toast using an entire loaf of bread, slabs of bacon, giant pans of fried potatoes.  There is something really satisfying about cooking huge meals.  It's hard to describe.  Both kids ate like grownups, and leftovers didn't last long.

Their visit went by quickly, and after ten days, school was about to start, so we had to send them back home.  We're counting the days until their next visit.

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