22 February 2012

Forecast: No significant snow accumulations

According to weather.com, we aren't expected to have much snow today, but we're in the middle of what I would consider a blizzard after living in the south for 15 years.  High winds, snow blowing completely sideways.

The problem with our weather forecast is that it is never accurate for where we live.  I mentioned before that we live in a "suburb" 25 miles away from a larger city, but we  live 6 miles away from the heart of the suburb (which consists mainly of a gas station and a few bars). Plus, we are at an elevation almost 600 feet above the closest forecast location.  It makes a big difference.

Down in the valley, the roads are clear and there is almost no snow on the fields, but it's a whole different story on our mountain.  Our road is completely covered with a slick snow/ice mixture, and there is at least a foot of snow on the ground.

We've actually been lucky the past week, with temperatures above freezing have melted some of the snow, including a mysterious patch about 8 feet in diameter, revealing green grass underneath.  Unfortunately, the melting snow has turned our driveway into an Olympic-quality luge track.  I just spread 3 wheelbarrow loads of sawdust and woodchips on the bad part, so maybe that will slow our roll a little.

In the meantime, our driveway is open for time trials!

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