15 February 2012

Main Cast of Characters

Erin (me). USAF veteran, student in Environmental Management, former government contractor, and at present, works as a trainer for a local branch of a large company. Grew up in Wisconsin, middle child, married for over 7 years, although we both have never remembered our anniversary on time. I met Austin in 2003 and fell madly in love. I like to read, garden, make candy, and come up with big ideas. I hate to dress up, wear mostly Austin's grandpa's clothes, and can't remember the last time my jeans didn't have mud on them.

Austin, my super-hot anti-aging husband. He gets a gray hair and only looks better. Austin grew up in Montana and still speaks the dialect, including using the word "anymore" instead of saying "these days." Example:  "I am looking so handsome anymore." Weird, right?  Austin works days as a receiving supervisor, is also a USAF veteran, an expert in grammar, crossword puzzles, trivia, and looks very manly when chopping wood. He is responsible for the top 1,000 funniest things I have ever heard. He built virtually all of our furniture when we lived in South Carolina, and tries in vain to control my big ideas.

Mimi, our sweet and wild 5 year old. Mimi is......a montage. That's hard to explain. Basically, spending an hour with Mimi is like watching a non-stop movie montage. In one minute, she will have a straw in her mouth and will be pantomiming a scuba diver, and the next she will be planning on how to turn our dog into a human so he can talk. She truly believes she can get exactly the right wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. She loves holidays, her grandparents, her dog, looking for "gross things," being the leader on hikes, and loves chocolate with an intensity I have only ever seen before in my mother. Moving to Montana is her every frontier fantasy come true.

Blue, our pointer dog. We got him about 3 weeks after we moved up here, after a particularly persistent bear cub tried to make our property his home. More on that later. Once Blue arrived, the bear promptly disappeared. Blue divides his time between napping in front of the wood stove, sneaking up onto the sofa when we're away, and running pell-mell on our 5 acres. He is currently in a love/hate triangle with his best canine friends from next door.  

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