21 February 2012

There are gross things in our yard

There are gross things in our yard.  Mimi and I try to go outside and play every day, and when we get our gear on, she usually says, "Let's go look for gross things."  They're not hard to find up here.

Back in December, our dog and the two neighbor dogs dragged home an entire deer.  But not all at once...in pieces.  The first piece was the decapitated head.  It was left within a foot of the front door, in the bushes.  Not just a deer, but a buck, with a nice set of antlers.  I was horrified that our dog had possibly killed a deer, but Austin convinced me that he couldn't have possibly done it.  He's too friendly and stupid to do it.  The elderly black labs next door couldn't be responsible for it either, being that they're slow and overweight.  Our neighbor said that the deer was probably shot and ran off before it died.  We actually live in a national forest, so this is entirely plausible.  Or it could have been the neighborhood mountain lion.

As soon as I could get the deer head away from the dogs (who had eaten most of it) I did what any self-respecting Montana woman would do, and tossed it on top of the woodshed so the birds would pick it clean. And there it sits.

In this picture, Mimi is holding two of the three deer legs that turned up on our property.  They appeared at the same time as the head, so we think they're probably from the same deer.  This picture was taken today, so the legs have been up on the woodshed roof with the antlers for about 2 months, perfectly preserved.  I think we will use them to make next year's Christmas presents.

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