20 February 2012

The title of this blog, and why it might change (it will)

We live in a town that isn't a town. It's technically a suburb of another town that is about 25 minutes away. In between, there is at least 12 miles of interstate, countless hills and mountains, farms and fields. In addition, I live about 6 miles beyond the interstate, past a pond, up a dirt road, turn at the top of the hill, hug the mountain so you don't fall into the draw, turn at the fork, and then up a fairly sinister-looking gravel driveway.

So when driving into our town, there aren't any population signs. Instead, I have to weed through the varied population counts for this town online. To make things difficult, a large industry in the area closed down, so there has been a population change as people moved away. I took the most recent statistic that I found (from 2007), and added the three of us, even through I am fairly certain that nobody besides my inlaws know exactly where we live.

So there you have it. The title will/may change if I ever find a new, more accurate stat, which will be a pain since I am a knucklehead when it comes to editing pictures. (The title picture took me about a half-hour with Paint.)

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