05 March 2012

The Big Thaw

Since yesterday, we've been treated to temperatures above 50'F.  This is great, because we are using less wood to heat the house, but also because the snow and ice are melting and revealing what's been buried below.

Like Mimi's ice block form, for making snow forts:

The long-forgotten gravel in our driveway:

Carnage from the deer carcass the dogs dragged here:

Grass that is oddly still green(ish):

And a disconcerting amount of dogshit landmines, just waiting to be stepped in.

You didn't think I was going to post a picture of those, did you?

Happy pre-Spring!


  1. That is the best part of being dog-less......no landmines in the spring when the snow melts. hehehe. yo mama

  2. I was really hoping u wouldn't but ...... Ya never know with you!!