22 March 2012

Had to use all of that bacon grease for something: A recipe review

Did you know I have a sister?  It's true.  She's 6 years older than me, and we're quite different.  Did you know she has a blog, too?  Her blog is also quite different.  You can check it out  here.  Two things we do have in common is a passion for baking and the same Kitchen Aid mixer.  She's named hers after our grandmothers.  Mine doesn't have a name. 

She is having a problem with her neighbor dogs, and instead of killing them, our mother suggested she try to be friends instead.  So she made them some dog biscuits.  This is the recipe that she used:  Dog Treats

I don't have the same problem.  I actually really like our neighbors' dogs.  On one side, we have 2 elderly black labs, a brother and sister, that like to play with Blue and keep us humans company when we're outside.  On the other side, we have a grumpy Chesapeake that likes to bark at me through the fence as I go down the driveway.  His owners say he's just crabby with strangers, but because I think it's handy to have canine friends to protect you from bears and cougars, I am going to make him my buddy too.  Our around the corner neighbor, Cindy, has a sweet beagle named Hannah that Mimi and I adore.  So lots of dogs, and I decided to make treats for all of them. 

I changed the recipe a bit:

1 1/2 c. water
1/2 c. bacon grease (I had to get rid of it somehow)
1 c. whole wheat flour (all I had)
3 c. white flour
1 c. oatmeal
1/2 c. peanut butter

I didn't add the vanilla from the OG recipe, because real bourbon vanilla doesn't come cheap, and because they are dog treats and dogs will eat anything even if it doesn't have vanilla in it. 

Mix it together and convince your 5 year old that rolling them out is something really fun to do. 

No free rides in this house.  She needs to start earning her keep, so I put her to work.  Actually, she really likes using the rolling pin.  She also likes hauling wood, shoveling, and watering the garden. 
 She also likes to put on her cat costume and crawl on the floor. 

Here is a recent conversation: 

Me, watching Mimi crawl on the floor:  "Mimi, what are you doing?" 
Mimi: "Looking for danger." 
Me:  "Okay." 

Next step is to cut the dough with a dog biscuit-shaped cookie cutter.

I don't have dog biscuit-shaped cookie cutters.  I have these. My mom sent them to me a few months ago. 

But I do have these.  I picked them up at Walmart on a post-Valentine's Day sale for A DIME.  For the set.

Lay them on parchment, and bake at 400'F for 20 minutes.*

Consider eating one because they smell just like peanut butter cookies, but decide against it because you are actually not a dog.

Following the baking instructions above, my cookies did not get crunchy.  I made 3 baking sheets' worth of them, in different sizes, and after cooking each for 20 minutes, I let them cool, then lowered the temperature down to 250'F and baked them again for 15-20 minutes, to dry them out and get them crunchy.  It might have been the bacon grease that I used instead of the oil, or the added dry ingredients....not sure, but I definitely  needed to continue cooking to dry them out.  A soft dog biscuit is gross.

I needed someone with a discriminating palate to test them out, so I took a few outside and yelled for Blue, who had wandered over to the neighbor's yard.

Here he comes.  He's such an idiot. 
He runs really weird.  He shakes his butt.

Results?  Well, he's a dog. He'll eat anything.  So he ate like 6 of these.
 I'll test them out on a bear next.


  1. Ahem.........If your sister is 6 years older than you, that means I wasn't married when she was born. So, what are you saying here??

    Yo mama

  2. Huh? You were married in like 1971. Dana was born in 1977. I was born in 1983, LOL. OMG, can't a girl lie about her age???? I am trying to pretend that I am 29, not that Dana is 41.