29 March 2012

I just might be a 500-millionaire

I bought a Mega-Million ticket tonight.  Actually, I bought 2.  I think that ups my chances significantly.   I've got a good feeling about this, so good a feeling, in fact, that I've been promising people that I'll buy them cars when I win.  Actually, I just promised the girl who works at the gas station where I bought my ticket.  And in fact, I told her that if she sold me the winning ticket, I'd buy her a car, but since she wasn't working when I bought the ticket, I really don't have to buy it for her.  But I probably would anyway. 

What would I buy?    Wow.  First, I'd buy this cabin so I never have to move again.  I hate moving.  The owners want to wait to sell it until house prices rise again in the area, but I'm sure they'd sell it if I waved a bunch of money at them.  Then I'd live here until construction on our other house was complete.  Then I'd renovate this cabin so people could come and stay in it when they visit. 

Then, I'd get a bad ass Jeep Grand Wagoneer.  A cool old one, with the fake wood paneling on the outside.  Like this one:

File:Jeep Grand Wagoneer 001.JPG

I'm sure Austin would buy a big fancy truck.  We'd also get a couple of ATV's, just to drive around the block in.  I have a friend....I won't say who it is, but you know who you are, that bought a golf cart for his kids, for the sole purpose of getting around the neighborhood.  Wow.  I want separate vehicles for that.  In my day, we walked.  Like 10 miles.  But Mimi will need something to drive to the school bus stop, so maybe an ATV for her.  Or a pony.  She'd definitely want a pony. 

Maybe a couple of trips.  I want to take Mimi to Hawaii, and I want to spend a week digging at the Crater of Diamonds.  #1 on my bucket list is to walk the entire Appalachian Trail in a single season, all 2000-ish miles of it.  I'd totally quit my job, so I'd have time for that.  We want Mimi to see Alaska, so that too.  I read that there is a beach in Japan that has star-shaped sand.  You can see it here

Beyond that, I'm not sure what I'd buy.  All of the above is probably less than a million dollars. Of course, we'd all give a bunch of it away, but what would be the first thing you'd buy?

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