19 March 2012

I'm a Fraidy-Cat

Earlier this winter, a family in western Montana went to their cabin, and found that it had been broken into.  This is not a fairy tale.  We are not this family.  They suspected a burglar, but realized that the only items missing were all of the pillows and blankets.  Upon further investigation, they found a bear wintering in the crawlspace, along with all of the bedding.  They decided to leave it alone until it leaves in the spring.

Our dog Blue has been on high alert lately.  He is extremely protective of our family, but it's been heightened lately.  He's been prowling around, sniffing out spots around the yard with a weird intensity, and has been running from the sun room to the living room to look out the windows.  So today I told Austin that I was worried that we had a bear hibernating under the cabin.  He asked why, and I told him the above story.  And he basically said, "so there's actually no reason to think that there is?"  So maybe it's an irrational fear, but it got me thinking about all of the things I'm scared of, rational, and irrational.  Here they are:

1.  Recordings of old-timey singing.  Anything 80 years or older freaks me out.  Even the soundtrack to Snow White gives me the creeps.  It's not that the people singing are dead, it's that their voices were different then.
2.  Old men crying.  It breaks my heart into tiny little pieces.
3.  Answering my phone.  Calling someone on the phone.  Basically talking on the phone.  Text or email me, please.  Except ordering a pizza; I can totally handle that.
4.  The dark.  Monsters under my bed.  Ghosts.  Seriously.
5.  All of my teeth falling out, Radium Girls-style.  I have nightmares about this.
6.  Any situation where my ability to keep my daughter safe is compromised....war, apocalyptic event, etc.
7.  My daughter finding out that I'm not as smart or cool or funny as she thinks I am now.
8.  Losing my locker combination and/or class schedule.  I haven't been in high school in way over a decade, but I have frequent nightmares about this.
9.  Swerving to avoid hitting a deer and driving off the edge into the draw near my house.
10.  My car not starting when I really, really need it to.
11.  Snakes.  This comes from a threadsnake infestation that we had in our house in Texas.
12.  2012.
13.  Creepy kids in horror movies (the Ring, the Shining, the Grudge)
14. The Amityville Horror.  I know it was a hoax, but after I read the book over a decade ago, I actually buried it outside.
15.  Plane crashes and train derailments
16.  Zombies

The list goes on...

What are you afraid of?

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