02 March 2012

Living on a Mountain Does Not Necessarily Mean a Mountain View

I love living here.  I think western Montana is the prettiest place on earth.  Even after living here for seven months, I still amazed by the views...the mountains, the fields, the forests.

Our property is actually in a National Forest, and we're at 600 feet above the little city below us.  While we're on a mountain, our neighborhood is in a flatter part of it.  Some of my neighbors have gorgeous views.

This picture was taken just around the corner from our house.  In fact, our property is one away from this, behind Mimi's head, in the trees.  She's walking in front of a small llama and sheep farm.  Beautiful view, right?

This is our view:

This is our front porch.  Ignore the wheelbarrow.  I use it to carry wood from the woodshed, and it's handy to keep it there.  Can you see the mountain view?  Look closer, at the yellow arrow on the top center.

Here's a better look.  Our property is totally forested, so the only real mountain view we have is from a tiny spot on the porch.  In the summer, you'd often see us on the porch saying, "Stand right here.  You see that tree, the one that leans over?  Look between the two trees to the right of that, and up.  You can totally see the mountain from there."  This whole area is surrounded by mountains, and literally everybody in town has a beautiful view, but somehow we moved to the one place without one.

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