30 March 2012

Mimi's Piggy Bank

Mimi received a piggy bank for her birthday in September from her Grandma Glenda.  Over the past 6 months, she's been saving all of her money, which means that Austin and I have been putting all of our change in her bank.  We told her that when it got full, she could buy a toy with the money.  We took it to the bank, and they counted it....the total was $48. 

So off to Walmart, where I tried to interest her in a Lalaloopsy costume, Legos, and a Hungry Hungry Hippos game.  No luck.

This is what she picked out:

And that's why she's awesome.  Because she is totally unpredictable, and always surprises us. 

She thinks it's an adventure kit.  Of course, she had to try it on:

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