29 March 2012

The Most Awesome Person of the Week Ever

It's Mimi!

Interview with Mimi (actual answers)
Favorite food:  apples, Howard's pizza, salami, bread & butter, spinach, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate. 
Favorite colors:  Blue and red, because they make purple
Favorite animal:  All the animals of the world
Favorite movie:  Avatar and Toy Story 1,2 and 3
Favorite toys:  All of them
Favorite TV show:  Cartoons, especially on Cartoon Network
Best friends:  Sarah (from Georgia), Tucker & Trevor (neighbors), Maggie (cousin), and Kinley (cousin)

Mimi is awesome because not only does she have Big Ideas, but she also goes along with my Big Ideas.  Like the time I drove her across three states just so we could spend a weekend on an island off the coast in Florida that shared her name.  Or the time I wanted to dye her hair with red Kool-Aid and it ended up in a stiff, sticky mess. 

Or the time we moved cross-country just so she could live in a cabin in the forest.  And she's ended up to be a Real Mountain Girl.  She hauls firewood, helps to shovel, and helps us track the squirrels so we can shoot them.  She loves gross things, like the deer parts in our yard.  She likes to hike.  When she was 4, we dragged her to 2 different historical parks on back-to-back days, and both days, she did 2.5 mile hikes without complaining. 

Mimi at Ninety-Six Nat'l Historic Site
  She says the weirdest things.  Very frequently, she talks in the the Farmer's Insurance cadence (We are Farmers!  Bum ba bum bum bum bum bum!).  "I'm not hungry!  Bum ba bum bum bum bum bum!"  "Mom is insane! Bum ba bum bum bum bum bum!"  Stuff like that.  She wears multiple costumes a day.  Today she was a ballerina, a cat, and a ladybug.  She thinks she can control the weather with her magic wand. 

She has an incredible memory, asking us if we remember stuff that happened years ago, like when she was 2. She's an artist, too.  She specializes in colored pencil and marker.  We have to buy her a new notebook every week because she fills them up so fast.  She can build forts like nobody's business.  One time, I drifted off in the recliner, and when I woke up  about 15 minutes later, she had constructed a 3 foot high, multi-level fort, complete with separate rooms and toy residents, all at my feet. 

She's a mama's girl.

She's a daddy's girl. 

She is effortless to love, and she is loved.  Madly. 


  1. Does this little girl even know her name is Amelia?????????

    1. yeah, actually she thinks her name is Amelia Bedelia. But she prefers Mimi. We've asked her a couple times, especially since kindergarten is coming up, and names tend to stick, but she wants to stay with Mimi.