16 March 2012

Person of the Week: My Dog Blue

Introducing the second Person of the Week:

In greener, warmer times

Blue (Blueberry, Buddy, Blue Boy) is our sweet but idiotic dog.  If you remember, we got him last summer to be a working dog.  Specifically, a bear dog.  We wanted a dog in the yard and pee all over the place and keep the bears away.  And it worked.  We also thought it would be fun to teach him to wear a harness and pull Mimi around in the snow, but that hasn't happened yet.  

Blue is, theoretically, a mix of German Shorthair Pointer, Border Collie, and Australian Shepherd, and weighs maybe 40 lbs.  He is without a doubt, the fastest dog I've ever seen.  He can run for miles and check this out:  he can catch a frisbee in his mouth.  I always thought it would be cool to have a dog that would do that. He's also an excellent watch dog, barking and going completely batshit crazy at any car or person that comes on our property, 

Until recently, Blue has enjoyed a happy life, roaming around our 5 acres freely, or so we thought.  He was placed on probation last month when we discovered from a neighbor around the corner that she's seen him roaming around with the 2 labs from next door.  Oh, and he may or may not have bitten her beagle.  I was there, she was there, neither of us saw or heard the bite, but my dog bumped into her dog and minutes later, we noticed her dog had a little spot of blood on his cheek.  Flashes of appearing before Judge Millian appeared before me, and I was horrified, apologizing profusely, and asking her to bring me the vet bill.  She was really nice about it, saying the dog was fine, and inviting us to visit her anytime.  (Mimi and I walked over to her house last week, to visit her and the dog, and he's ok.  And the neighbor, who is around 65 and a retired radiology technician, is totally going to be my new best friend.  She doesn't know it yet.)

So Blue is now kept inside and is not allowed to run around.  As long as I am outside with him, he listens and stays close to me, and the few times a day I don't go outside with him, he is on a 50 foot tether for about 15 minutes a day.  In the meantime, I'm investigating fence-less electronic collars.  

When he's inside, he's Mimi's best friend.  He's sweet and patient with her, allowing himself to be dressed in costumes and covered with stuffed animals. 

Today, they actually played hide and seek.  Don't ask me how.  

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