08 March 2012

Some people are a**holes. Oh, and karma's a b****

So, now we know that I work the closing shift at ********.  The other night, we had a group of 4 teenagers come in shortly before close.  As I handed them their order, I informed them that we would be closing in 10 minutes.  Some time later, I began to pull down the gates.  I walked over and reminded them that we were closing in 2 minutes, and as per ********** policy, only employees are allowed in the store after close.  I was pretty friendly about it too, even jokingly told them we had some spare uniforms in the back if they wanted to join the team and help us out.  They laughed, and I walked away to the back office.  Ten minutes later, they were still there, preventing us from closing the store.  Another manager asked them to leave, and they initially refused, but left a minute later, leaving all of their trash on the table and swearing and calling two employees insulting names.

I'm a manager now, so I'm in the back, counting tills and doing other manager-y things, and one employee comes back to tell me that the group must still be in the area, because while he was in another area of the store, someone had thrown their drinks and the rest of their food on our floor, through the gates.  It was a freshly cleaned floor.

But in an awesome, incredible moment of poetic justice, we realized that one of the girls in the group had accidentally left her purse behind in the restaurant.  Per policy, we locked it in the safe.

And then we left for the night.

p.s. I do think it's important to say that between finding the purse, and leaving, an hour passed, and one employee did look outside of the store for the owner with no luck.  But the story sounds better without saying that.

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  1. bet she'll be humble in the morning.....