29 March 2012

A Tiny Instrument of Torture

We have a bird problem.  Specifically, one bird.  Mimi calls them "woodcrackers," but I believe what we actually have is a red-breasted nuthatch. 

In silhouette, the first, and only picture I've been able to get of it.

Still looks pretty harmless.  Let's look a little closer.

Right there.

That short, thick little beak is the source of approximately 98% of my agita.  I was sure the damn thing was pecking away at my house, but after doing some research on it, it seems that it is collecting nuts, wedging them in the cracks of the logs, and hammering away at it with his beak. 

My house doesn't technically have insulation in most of the walls.  It's a log cabin.  it's made out of real logs....like 8" logs, so you'd think that would be enough to block out the BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM. 

It's not.  I want to take this time to claim that I am actually a better shot than Austin with the BB gun.  He'd probably differ.  But it's true.  But I can't shoot it.  It's protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, as is the American Crow.  Really?  I can't imagine protecting a crow.  A bald eagle?  Of course.  An owl?  Definitely. 

I've already hung plastic bags outside of the house where it's pecking, and strips of aluminum foil....the only suggestions I've found.  But the little shit just moves on to another section of the cabin.  I'm at a loss.  


  1. maybe you could find a dead bird on the road and hang it on the side of your cabin. Do you think *that* would deter the stupid bird???

  2. i have no idea. the only problem about that idea is that we'd have a dead bird hanging on our cabin.

    dead birds aren't really easy to come by up here.