09 April 2012

The Best Easter Ever!!!!

We spent our very first Easter holiday with family yesterday.  Prior to this, we lived in New Mexico, Texas, and South Carolina, zillions of miles away from either of our families.  But this year, we're in Montana, and it really means a lot to us to have family around for the holidays.  This year, Easter was at Great-Grandma Glenda's house.  Mimi was super excited, mostly because she got to see her cousins:

The gorgeous and bewitching Kinley

Mimi and Kinley are best friends.

The squish-tastic and delectable Porter, with his dad, TJ. 
No, it's not warm enough for shorts and tshirts.
 TJ wears shorts and tshirts YEAR ROUND. 
Even in winter.  If there is a blizzard, he might put on a hoodie. 

Kyla was there, trying to make super bubbles. 
I was right in front of her, blowing smaller bubbles at her bubbles to break them.

There was also an Easter egg hunt...

And cupcakes...

And more cupcakes.  Porter had two (thanks to Austin).

Happy Easter!

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