11 April 2012

Breaking ground

We've been treated to freakishly warm weather the past two days, so Mimi and I took advantage of it by getting the garden ready for planting.

The garden is looking rough.  When we moved in last year, the garden hadn't been used in years, and was covered in black plastic.  This was great because there were absolutely no weeds when I uncovered it, but weeds like to lay low and torment you, and they sprang up quickly.  And yes, it was warm enough today to unpack some of Mimi's summer clothes....at least for today.  Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and 50's.

Since it could still (and likely will) freeze at least a couple more times, I have to be careful about what I plant.  I do have a bunch of stuff planted in tiny pots that stay outside and come inside when it's cold, but I am itching to get something into the ground.

We are going to pretend that the photo above is the before picture.  I actually forgot to take one.  But it was the garden bed right next to the one we worked on, and they look exactly the same.  So Mimi and I weeded it, which means that I weeded it and Mimi talked incessantly and occasionally squealed when I threw worms at her.

This is the actual garden bed after I spent about 30 minutes weeding it.  The next step was to plant  strawberries.  The packages said to plant as early in spring in possible because these aren't affected by frost.  I don't believe it, but whatever.  Have you ever planted strawberries from starts?  I have bought them before as live plants, but not starts.  I opened the package, and in a bunch of sawdusty stuff, there was a little bundle of roots wrapped in a rubber band.  There were no instructions on the package, so I just guessed.  Hopefully they'll grow.

In case you are interested, here is the master garden plan.  You can click on it to expand. 

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