22 April 2012

Half Moon Farm

It sounds way more grand than it really is.

Half-Moon Farm is what I've decided to call my garden. 

I recently went from working 5 nights a week as a night manager at *********, to giving a 3 1/2 week notice.  I tend to give 3 1/2 week notices instead of 2 week notices.  I'm back in school now and I just wanted more time to spend with my family.  A week later, I freaked out, and changed my mind.  I went in to work prepared to grovel to my boss, hoping she wouldn't be all like, "Nope, you already gave your notice.  No takie-backsies!"  Instead, she asked me if I would be willing to work only 3 nights a week.  "Yes! I screamed, and then hugged her so there wouldn't be any hard feelings.  And I got to pick the nights I worked.  I'm now working 3 days, or about 22 hours a week. 

But I realized that when the weather's good, I spend 4 or more hours a day in the garden, more than I actually work at my real job.  I decided that the garden would be my real job.  So I named it.  It makes me sound important.  I like sounding important.  On a semi-related note, I recently took the Narcissistic Personality Inventory.  I scored a 19 out of 40. That is higher than most celebrities. 

So here's what's happening at Half-Moon Farm:

Four of fourteen plots have been weeded, turned, and planted.  And by "plots," I mean a 3'x10' garden bed.  This photo shows 3 of them.  From left to right:  Onions (the tall ones survived through the winter) and garlic and shallots, mesclun and arugula, lettuce and spinach.  I also planted strawberries, but the starts that I bought in a (sealed) bag looked dead to me.  I didn't have much hope for them, so I bought a set of 25 live plants from Burpee.  I'll plant those once they arrive in about 2 weeks.  I just realized that I don't have room for 25 plants.  Does anyone around me want some?

Shallots.  I love shallots.  I planted these 11 days ago, and they've already sprouted.  This is the first plant that was planted in the garden this year to grow.  I bought 3 sets of starts from Walmart.  Each contained 5 cloves.  10 of the cloves were molded and rotten, so I only planted 5. 

Mood lighting was installed recently.  Four solar lights where poked into the ground.  I thought this would be romantic, but so far all it has done is given me an OCD-like compulsion to constantly check the lights to see if they are all on at night. 

So tell me what's going on with your garden...have you started planting yet?


  1. 4:14 AM????
    I don't plant veggies anymore. They are so cheap in the summer and we can buy them at the farmer's market. But I do grow FLOWERS!! I have been getting ready for my plant sale next month. And I am buying new flowers for my garden that I have not had before. Are you going to plant any flowers in your garden???

  2. I might plant some marigolds for pest control, but other than that, I won't plant flowers. They are pretty, but take up useful space in the garden, since we wouldn't eat them. I can't plant them outside of the garden because the deer would eat them. I can't cut flowers and bring them inside because Mimi and Austin are allergic. I do have lilacs...a lot of lilacs. I'll be digging some of them up this spring to bring more sun to the garden.