24 April 2012

It's Hot Like Your Mom!

I tried to write this post last night, but after the first cookout of the year, I was in a ribeye-grilled corn-asparagus-bread and butter-induced coma. 

Yesterday, it was over 80'F in western Montana.  Mimi, Blue and I spent the day outside in the garden.  I continued on my neverending quest of weeding, and Mimi kept busy.

After she ran through the sprinkler, she came to advise me in the garden.  She always says that she is the Mayor and I am her advisor.  Over everything.....gardening, chopping wood, shoveling, etc. She was flinging soil around, so to distract her, I told her to use a big bowl and make mud pies.  She took a mud bath instead.

And then danced in the garden.  I told her run through the sprinkler to get washed off, but considering that our water comes from a well and is blisteringly cold year round, it didn't last long.  So she sat in the sun and dried herself and brushed the mud off. 

This is Mimi's new cowgirl hat.  We do have another hat, from Austin's beloved Grandpa Jack, who we lost last summer, just days before we moved up here.  Sweet Grandma Glenda gave Austin a bunch of his wool shirts and a fancy cowboy hat.  The hat stays up on our wall on a giant nail.  It makes me happy, like he's always around us...it's where he hangs his hat.  Mimi always wants to wear it, but I keep it up on the wall except for when I wear it because I think it makes our Reservation Divide news segments look legit.  So I got her a hat of her own. 

She thinks I take too many pictures, but I just wanted to get a nice shot of the sun coming throught the hat, kind of like reverse freckles.  I take too many pictures?  I gave her my old digital camera last week, and already she's taken over 700 pictures with it.  

Right now, at almost 2pm it's over 70'F and my schedule calls for planting carrots and fennel this afternoon, at least until the thunderstorms roll in.

What's your weather like? 

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