04 April 2012

Mimi makes seed tapes!

I thought that the seed planting Mimi and I did the other day would get the spring fever out of me and turn me back into the true procrastinator that I really am, but faced with seventeen more seed packets and an excited 5 year old, I was forced to do something.  So we made seed tapes.  This is what we used:

A couple tablespoons of flour
A couple tablespoons of water
Seed packets
Toilet paper
A Sharpie
A bowl
A plastic knife (since I don't have a squeeze bottle)

Mix the flour and the water into a paste.  Cut lengths of TP.  I used 5 square strips.  Write the name of the seed in the top corner of one of the strips.  Flip over.  Dot the flour paste in intervals according to the planting instructions on the seed packet.  I pretty much did 1" intervals for al of them.  This is where having a 5 year old comes in really handy.  Besides being excellent company, she loves to do the tedious little things that would bore most grownups.  Mimi's job was to put one seed in each dot of paste. 

Once you have all of the seeds placed on the strip, fold it over and let it dry.  I think you can use a cookie cooling rack, or probably the racks in a cold oven, but I just hung them over a broomstick.

Once they're dry, I'll stick them in a big ziplock bag and keep them in the fridge.  Then I'll plant them next month.  The paper decomposes, leaving the seeds to sprout perfectly spaced. 

As you can see from the picture of Mimi above....yes, we're still in our pajamas.  It's 3pm.  We're lazy. 

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  1. That is an awesome idea and I bet Mimi love it!