13 April 2012

Mimi's Plants: First Signs of Life

Mimi and I planted a bunch of seeds last week.  For the past few days, we've had warm enough weather that I've left the seed pots outside.  And by "warm enough" I mean "above freezing."  Once I'm confident that we won't have another freeze (we are having one tonight!) I will replant the seedlings in the garden.  At least, once they start growing.

It's been about 10 days since we planted the first seeds, and we were starting to worry that they wouldn't grow.  Until now...

Mimi calls them "spinach-lings."  These actually won't be replanted.  Replanting things like spinach and lettuce and carrots are a pain in the ass, and usually wind up with dead seedlings.  So these will probably just stay in the pots and when they're big enough, Mimi will just pluck the leaves and eat them.

And check this out.  Last fall, the three of us were early for dinner with Austin's parents, so we killed about a half hour at what I thought was a gardening supply store downtown, and as we were leaving, the clerk asked if we wanted a pepper seedling.  So we took it home, and I stuck it behind the curtain in the living room window, and promptly forgot it.  Occasionally, I would open the curtain for sunlight and remember the plant and water it.  Last month, I was watering it, and I saw that it had somehow grown peppers.  Are pepper plants self-pollinating?  I guess we must have bumped it enough that the pollen from one flower landed on another. 

Mimi's job is to water the plants.  When it's cold out, these raspberry plants live in the kitchen sink.

Of course, if Mimi wasn't willing to do mind control on them, they'd never grow. 

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