02 April 2012

Okay, Spring is really here this time

This is the last bit of snow in my yard: 

Those are garden beds, not graves.
There is also this, but it doesn't count.  It's man-made.

Right above this is the flat part of the roof.  The roof is about 15x20 feet, and flat enough that the snow and ice doesn't melt off it easily.  So after big snowstorms, like the one we had in January, we have to get the ladder,climb up it, and shovel off the snow.   During that storm, we got over 12 inches of snow, and we had to shovel it off two days in a row.  I picked the first shift, since I had once shoveled the roof off once when Austin wasn't home, and I thought my skills were far superior to his.   So I got up there, shoveled, and freaked out when it was time to crawl back down the ladder.  The ladder is just short enough that you have to kind of cross the point of no return to get down the ladder, meaning, once you commit to dropping down, you can't stop.  So I decided to jump off the roof and into the above snow pile....which at the time was about 4-5 feet tall.  The fluffy stuff in the top left of the picture is fur from a deer cape that the dogs dragged in the yard. 

I also found a headless baby mouse.  I said to Mimi, "I wonder what happened to the head?" And she said, "Maybe it was eaten." Just like that.   

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