03 April 2012

Person of the Week is.....Shelly!

This is an early Person of the Week post, and it's special because this is the first Person of the Week that is not a Montana resident. 

This is Shelly, one of the greatest loves of my life (in a totally non-weird way.  Really, not weird or creepy at all.)  Shelly is my brother's wife, which practically makes her my sister.  

Isn't she pretty?

Shelly is mom to FIVE kids.  My 4 nephews, Zachary, Randy, Austin, Ian, and my niece Sophie.  Here's the thing about Sophie.  It's actually really cool.  A little over 6 years ago, Shelly called me at work to confess she might be pregnant.  I think I was the first person she told.  And I had a secret of my own....I thought I was pregnant too.  And we both were!  I was hoping that our girls would be born on the same day, but Sophie nudged out Mimi by either 13 or 14 days...I can't remember which. 

Back to Shelly.....she is one of my bestest friends.   My poor brother Jim...when I call their house, he just passes the phone on to Shelly as soon as he answers.  She and I have an inside joke that involves a windbreaker and some seashells that is really just too vulgar to share, but it still cracks me up to think about it.

Shelly is 34, a Scorpio, likes the color green, and her only flaw that I have seen so far is she's a fan of 80's hair bands.  I know we all liked it back in the day, but the rest of us consider than genre silly now. 

Here's a cool thing about Shelly:  She's lost over a hundred pounds in less than a year.  But that's not even the best thing about her.  She's an amazing parent.  She is a caring, fair, perceptive, and sassy mom.  I can't imagine having 5 kids in the house, but she makes it work. 

So, say hi to Shelly.  She is amazing!

Readers:  Do YOU want to be person of the week?  Let me know!


  1. Shelly is 40 yrs old. I want to be person of the week.

  2. Well, you said it, I didn't. Everybody is magically younger on my blog.

  3. I went out to eat with my sister last week... she told the waitress that I was 50! I think I like being 34 the best!!!

  4. Don't feel bad about that Shel. Erin has told sale clerks that I am her grandmother!!!
    BTW: you look awesome!!!!!! I am so proud of my 3rd daughter....