08 April 2012

That is one sexy carrot

I mentioned a few days ago that last summer, I grew carrots, and while thinning them, decided to try to replant some of them.  The result was some very shapely carrots, with narrow waist, curvy hips, and full thighs.  I thought you might want to see:

Sexy, right? 

In case you are wondering about the odd color, we grew multi-colored carrots last year:  red, orange, purple, yellow, and white. I think this is one of the yellow carrots.  I'm having a hard time finding those seeds this year.  I went to Walmart last month, and saw about 5 packs of them.  I almost bought them all, wanting to corner the roadside vegetable market on multi-colored carrots, but I'm a procrastinator by nature, so I didn't.  This week, I went to two stores and couldn't find them. 

Have you ever grown anything weird in your garden?

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