30 May 2012

The Day I Have Been Waiting For!

We went to TJ and Kyla's for lunch on Monday. Not a BBQ, because this past Monday is the one day a year that if you have a BBQ, you're automatically an asshole.  We were sitting out on the deck, and Austin was standing behind me when he noticed something. 

My very first gray hair.  For the last 10 years or so, I've been anxiously awaiting this day.  I never thought it would come, because my mother (whose age I will not say, but if you add 24 years to my age, you will get hers) does not have gray hair.  We both have the dark blond hair that you see in my picture.  And she has not gone gray.  So she will probably be very jealous of me now.  I love gray hair.   Want to know why?

Because I would look FREAKING AWESOME with gray hair.  

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