08 May 2012

The Girl and Her Dog

This is Mimi and Blue on the day we got him.  When we were moving to Montana, we promised Mimi she could get a pet, either a dog or a guinea pig.  By the time we got here, she had pretty much forgotten about our promise.  Then the bear came.  Every day.  And after 2 weeks of bear sightings...on the deck, in the yard, trying to get in the kitchen window, Austin and I started debating the merits of dogs vs. guns.  You can guess who won that discussion.  (Me!!!)  So we got Blue, and ever since, he and Mimi have been a matched pair.  They do everthing together...

They hunt for clover together.  Going back in time...when Mimi could only be reliably counted on to eat about six different foods (HEB tortillas, cheese, apples, goldfish crackers, ramen, and yogurt), I showed her that she could eat clover, and she still eats them.

He tolerates (really, welcomes) Mimi's constant hugs (even though he tries to look dignified) and actually listens to her when she bosses him around.  Poor Blue...on his first day at our house, I heard Mimi say to him:  "Come on, Blue.  Let's go have a tea party." 

They spend countless hours on cold and rainy days in the toyroom.  I should say that the toyroom is actually the sunroom.  It has windows on 3 sides and ideally would have a squashy chair, a lamp, and a bookshelf...perfect for rainy days.  But Mimi claimed it right after we moved in, and she is attempting to fill it completely with stuffed animals.  Blue likes it because it offers an excellent vantage point for stalking squirrels.

She thinks they are brother and sister.  He's ok with that. 

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  1. are you saying that I now have *9* grandkids??? I'm okay with that as long as Blue keeps the bears away. lolol