17 May 2012

How to get what you want.

Mimi and I are constantly together, like conjoined twins.  Except for the 25 or so hours a week that I work (half of them while she's in bed) if you see me, chances are, you see her too. 

Here's a shocker.  Are you ready for it?  I co-sleep.  I have for most of her life, once I got past the fear of rolling over on to her as a newborn.  For about a year or so, she slept by herself in a crib, but then she got sick when she was 2 and Austin graciously swapped beds with her and she's stayed there ever since.  It works for us....Mimi and I snore up a storm, and I usually go to sleep only an hour or two before he wakes up.  It's not for everybody, and most people think I'm crazy for it, but again.....it works for us.

Certainly if two people spend so much time together, they must be besties.  So I tell Mimi all the time that she's my best friend.  She disagrees.  She says that we are "not best friends.  Only mom and kid." 

She was helping me in the garden yesterday by dumping buckets of pulled sod and weeds into the treeline, and she says, "You know what's better?  Being with you."  I thought it was a good time to broach the subject again, and I offered her a hundred dollars if she would be my best friend forever.  She said that forever was too long, and offered me a counter deal:  she would pay ME $1, and she would be my best friend for 10 days.  I repeated the deal back to her, and she changed her mind and said that 10 days was too long, but 9 days was ok.  "So, you'll be my best friend for 9 days, AND you pay me $1?"  Considering that I owed her $1.50 for hauling weeds, this was fantastic. 



I'll just negotiate an extension of the terms next week.  

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