04 May 2012

The State of my Kitchen Sink (and a Bonus picture!)

There's a lot going on in the kitchen, and it's not just cooking. 

Lately, because of the abundant natural light, I've been growing plants in the sink that won't fit near a window.  From the left to the right:  radishes, wild strawberries, and green beans.  The green beans are going to grow on a trellis that is stuck in the pot.  I got the idea from my sister.  In addition, the space between one counter to another is perfect for hanging seed tapes to dry.  I made about 30 of them last night.  Luckily, we don't actually need this kitchen sink.  Because of the odd way that this cabin was cobbled together, we have a kitchen sink and cabinets in the hallways also.

These are the radishes, only 5 days in.  Mimi wanted to grow some (but not eat any) and they are the fastest growing seed I have ever planted.  They sprouted within 2 days and I are really taking off.  These should be ready to eat in less than 3 weeks. 

These are the wild strawberries that I found growing on the sleep slope behind my house.  They've double in size since I replanted them about 5 days ago and seem to prefer being inside to outside.  It was sunny today and I put them out on the deck but the leaves folded up and looked sad, so I brought them back inside and they perked up.  I'm thinking of grabbing some more and planting them with my domestic (is that the word) strawberries when they arrive to try to make some interesting franken-berry crosses. 

Mimi's got quite a collection growing in her toy room too.  She's taking a picture of the oregano, basil, and sage that was planted about 3 weeks ago.  She's using my old camera and has already taken over 900 pictures.  She's pretty good with it, especially when she is not trying to take pictures of my carpenter's crack when I'm in the garden. 

Bonus picture:

We found this little cave dug out of a hill on the far side of our property.  It's big enough for Mimi to fit in if she wanted to.  We have no idea what lives here.  Any ideas?

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