15 May 2012

This was my Mother's Day

I've been a mom for almost 6 years now, so I've celebrated a few Mother's Days in my time, but since we moved to Montana, and are able to celebrate holidays with family, everything this year has felt like a first.  I can't help thinking that this was my first Mother's Day, it just feels like that.  It might be that Mimi is starting to really get into holidays, especially since her grandma and cousin Kinley keep her updated on when they are happening.  This is going to sound really bad, but until this year, we rarely celebrated holidays on the exact day...mainly because you can get awesome holiday presents for 50% off the day after.  Mimi would get tons of stuffed animals and baskets for Easter and Valentine's Day...just the next day....and I saved a bunch of money.  But she's older now, and can count down pretty accurately to the days, especially when her grandmas foil my plans and keep her on track. 

But Mother's Day is about ME(!!!) and Mimi was excited.  I work nights, and usually don't go to bed until around 3am.  Mimi goes to sleep between 10-11pm, and we both sleep until about 10am.  On Sunday, I woke up at 9:30 and she told me to go back to bed because it was Mother's Day!  Yay!  But I couldn't.  The night before, I had prepped these awesome huckleberry bars, after work, and I needed to bake them and cool them in time for a BBQ at noon.  The recipe for the bars originally called for blueberries, but this is Montana, where huckleberries are king, and I had a quart of them in the freezer from picking with my in-laws last summer, so I used those instead.  When we went picking last August, we actually went to Idaho, but I didn't realize it until we were back in Montana.  Also, Mimi calls them "hunkleberries," so I usually call them that too because it's cute.  So if you have any berries laying around, you should try the recipe.  I think it would even work with jam. 

So off we went to the BBQ at my in-laws' house.  When I was FB-messaging with my BFF and sister-in-law Kyla, I asked what she was going to bring with her, and she said, "Don't we get a pass for being mothers?" but I convinced her to bring her cole slaw.  I fell in love with this cole slaw last autumn after having a Kyla-catered meal at my in-laws house that featured it paired with creamy chicken manicotti.  It sounds weird together, but it works.  So....hamburgers, polish dogs, pasta salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw, beans, chips, etc.  After we ate, we mostly just watched the kids play. 


Then I challenged Kyla to a swordfight by foot, which you'd totally think I'd win, but Kyla has these weird toes so it was closer than I'd expect. 

And we posed with our kids.


Happy Mother's Day!

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