04 June 2012

My dog has lost all of his dignity

 My dog got skunked early this morning.  He's really friendly, and very curious, and I think he just got two close to it. 

Step 1:  Bath with baby shampoo and baking soda.  Stop and take a picture of your dog's humiliation. 

Step 2:  Remember that you have peroxide.  Bath with baking soda and peroxide. 

Step 3:  Realize that neither made much difference. 

Step 4:  Banish dog to deck for the day. 

At least the house smells better without him in it.  Any suggestions?  It doesn't seem to be bothering him.

You're My Butterfly. Sugar. Baby.

Mimi's Grandma Kathy gave her a butterfly kit for Easter.   She got in here, in case you are interested.

Since it's pretty cold here, we set up shipping for early May so by the time the butterflies hatched, it would be warm enough to set them free.  Four caterpillars arrived, set up camp in their chrysalides, and the last one hatched two days ago. 

Did you know that when they hatch, they leave blood all over the place? My sister in law says it's dye from their wings, but I'm not so sure.  There is spots of red pigment all over the habitat. 

Mimi really liked watching them grow, but by today, the sound of 4 butterflies flipping and flapping all over their habitat was too much for her to bear, so she agreed to set them free this afternoon.  

She named them Mimi One, Mimi Two, Mimi Three and Mimi Four.  They're all girls, according to her and she would correct me each time I referred to one as "he."

I think this was Mimi Three.   In the background, from top left to middle right, are onions, shallots, and garlic. 

And here are some of the potato plants, the best looking veggies growing right now. 

One at a time, we helped them practice flying and released them into the garden.  Goodbye butterflies!

It's way better if you read this post while listening to our soundtrack.