03 July 2012

Now Open for Business

A coworker of mine mentioned that his mom was trying to get rid of his little sister's old playhouse.  I had given his sister some pumpkin seedlings a week ago, and she wanted to get rid of the playhouse so she could put in a garden, so we got this for only $20, AND they delivered it to our house up in the sticks. One side is a puppet show theatre, one side has sandboxes, and the other side is a restaurant.

Mimi opened her restaurant yesterday, "American Mimi."  

Blue was her first customer, ordering a double cheeseburger, no cheese, no onions. 

And got a plastic onion.  

American Mimi
Happily serving wrong orders since 2012.

1 comment:

  1. Love it!! So jealous, and what a steal! Sophia would totally love a playhouse like that!