18 July 2012

What to do when a bunny is trapped in your boat (not a euphemism).

This morning, I was trying to watch my daily dose of Jerry Springer, when our dog Blue, who I had let out a few minutes earlier, started to whine.  I found him under the deck, pawing frantically at this old plastic boat underneath.  I pulled it out, and he freaked out, sticking his whole head this little drain hole.  Frantic scrabbling sounds were coming from inside.  I considered walking away, visions of skunks spraying going through my mind.  Against my better judgment, I bent down and looked through a small hole in the nose of the boat. 

A bunny!  Bunny, why are you in my boat?

This is the drain hole...I think.  It's threaded but is missing the plug that would go in it.  Since this is the only way the bunny could have gotten in, this is how it's getting out.  The only problem is that it's blocked by large chunks of styrofoam (or staraphone, like how one of my classmates spells it). 

Styrofoam (staraphone) comes out with the help of an old kitchen knife. 

The boat is tilted up with its nose (I'm sure there is a more boat-y term for the nose)
 up on the picnic table.   

The camera is sent in to explore the top.  No bunny. 

Mimi's keeping an eye on him from the top of the boat. 

"Is the bunny still there?"

Still there.  The bunny is then persuaded, gently, to go around the styrofoam (staraphone) with the use of a thin bamboo pole that Mimi retrieves from the garden.  We can hear him scrabble all the way to the bottom. 

Camera goes in again.  No bunny.  Put on an extra glove, gingerly reach in and remove styrofoam (staraphone). 

Hello bunny! 

Hey!!!! Want to see me pull a rabbit out of my boat?

Mimi was impressed. 

It was delicious. 

 Just kidding.  These are the steaks we cooked on Austin's new grill last night.

This is Austin's new grill.  He got it for his birthday. 

Back to the bunny...he was petted, photographed some more, and then released into a tangle of bushes on the other side of the house.  All is well in the kingdom.

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