10 August 2012

I'm sick of these phone calls.

NRC:  Mr. D----- please.

Me:  There is no Mr. D----- here.  You have been calling us for a year and we’ve been telling you that for a year.

NRC:  I’ll make a note.
Me:  You’ve been telling me that for a year, and yet you keep calling.  You’re in violation of the Do Not Call Registry.  I’ve already filed a complaint against you.

NRC:  Political calls are exempt from the Do Not Call Registry
Me:  Well, I can tell you that you’re barking up the wrong tree.  We’re wildly, violently liberal.

Kyla, my SIL (overhearing my conversation):  Tell them you have a garden.
Me:  And I have a garden!

NRC:  I’ll remove this number from our lists. 

08 August 2012

So a deer walks into a buffet....

I was going to post a picture about making peach jam today.  Normally, I don't support processing fruits and veg unless you grow them or can pick them yourself cheap, but the husband is very fond of peach jam, and I've been able to recently buy them cheap enough that it makes more sense to make my own jam than buy it at the store.  Last year I made about 8 half-pints of it, and it only lasted until February, which makes for a long, jam-less toast winter and spring. 

This year, in two sessions, I've made 5 full pints and 5 half pints.  I'm hoping this will last us.  But while stirring the jam, I realized that I left the gate open last night. I had to dump out my compost bowl anyway, so I went out there.  Everything looked in order, until I saw this....

This was the lettuce and arugula. 

To the left is our delicious Rapunzel.  Last night, we used these big and tasty leaves to wrap around Asian-spiced beef and veggies.  It was wonderful.  To the right, apparently, is a deer dance pattern. 

I really thought that raspberries would be too prickly to eat.  Apparently they are not.  This is actually good information, since I was considering planting a raspberry patch outside of the fence.  Two plants were stripped clean.

I was experimenting with container planting for green beans, since I ran out of planting space.  Now I knew that deer were particularly fond of green beans, so this doesn't surprise me.  What does surprise me is that they stopped halfway through, and even missed the 7 inch long green bean. 

Now, the good news....

All 5 first-year raspberry canes survived.  And I am not too bummed about the two plants that were stripped.  If they are not wasting their energy on making leaves this summer, they will use it to grow stronger roots for next year.

Not a single tomato plant was touched.  This is a good thing because we have well over 100 tomatoes in four varieties on the vines.  Above is a violet jasper, only a few weeks from picking. 

Our pumpkins are safe! We have 20+ plants, and they are all intact.  This is our first pumpkin....it's about 5 inches long and is resting on a bed of straw.

Sweet peas are still mostly there....we are actually sick of peas.  In fact, when I see deer in the yard, I actually pick some peas and toss them to the deer. 

You're a lousy watchdog.  But I love you anyway.