10 August 2012

I'm sick of these phone calls.

NRC:  Mr. D----- please.

Me:  There is no Mr. D----- here.  You have been calling us for a year and we’ve been telling you that for a year.

NRC:  I’ll make a note.
Me:  You’ve been telling me that for a year, and yet you keep calling.  You’re in violation of the Do Not Call Registry.  I’ve already filed a complaint against you.

NRC:  Political calls are exempt from the Do Not Call Registry
Me:  Well, I can tell you that you’re barking up the wrong tree.  We’re wildly, violently liberal.

Kyla, my SIL (overhearing my conversation):  Tell them you have a garden.
Me:  And I have a garden!

NRC:  I’ll remove this number from our lists. 


  1. You'll feel so much better after you vote for Paul Ryan.....oh and that other guy, um Romney.